Biocell Cleanwater Solutions Treatment Systems

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A Revolutionary Cleanwater Treatment System


The Cleanwater Solutions Mission:

The Biocell Clean Water Treatment System provides a low cost passive filter which requires no power or chemicals to drive the treatment process and turns grey water into safe reusable water that can be utilised for the following uses:

  1. Watering Your Lawns and Gardens
  2. Washing Your Car, Boat, Bike or Truck
  3. Cleaning Your Windows
  4. Hosing Your Pathways
  5. Toilet Flushing
  6. Water Fountains
  7. Cooling Towers
  8. Hard Stand Washing
  9. Boiler Water

What does Cleanwater Solutions Treatment System Do?

The BioCell domestic cleanwater treatment system converts household waste water into safe, low cost reuse water (not for drinking) which can be used in:

NSW & QLD:- Toilet flushing, cold water supply to washing machine and garden irrigation.

How does the  Cleanwater Solutions Treatment System work?

We direct the household cleanwater into a 1,000 litre (below ground or under your house) buffer tank which enables re-distribution to the filter via our control system. This tank has high level alarms with an overflow connection to sewer or approved land soak away. The buffer tank uses a submersible pump to feed the biological filter. The filter is a series of process cells each providing a matrix of a living ecosystem which stack together to provide a process column. Four process columns combine to treat 800 Litres each day without the need for chemicals or electrical power and meets all Health Standards. The treated cleanwater is gravity fed into a UV sterilizer to kill any remaining virus / pathogens and creates a safe reuse water which is collected in a storage tank.

Treatment System Footprint:

The dimensional details in a standard 4 bedroom home model are:-

The Buffer Tank Height : 1,545mm with a 1,000mm diameter
The Filter Height : 1,610mm x 1,250mm x 1,250mm.
The Reuse Tank Similar to the buffer tank or larger as suits.

Treatment System Effluent Quality:

BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) less than 10mg/L
SS (Suspended solids) less than 10mg/L
TCL (Thermal coliforms) less than 10cfu

Maintenance Requirements

An annual service contract is compulsory to remain within State Health guidelines using a minimum of 4 monthly service inspections which we provide at Biocell Cleanwater Solutions.

What is the Clients Responsibility?

  1. The client is expected to make application to their local Council. (BioCell will assist with this phase.)
  2. To supply a separate cleanwater line to the BioCell system.
  3. To supply application plumbing as required:- irrigation, toilet flushing or laundry (BioCell may assist if requested)

What Cleanwater Solutions Offers:

Subject to a site inspection and Council requirements we will:-

  1. Excavate the site
  2. Supply and install the buffer tank, filter, reuse tank and controls
  3. Maintain and service the system

What is Cleanwater?

Cleanwater is household wastewater that has not come into contact with toilet waste. It comes from the bath, shower, bathroom wash basins, washing machines, and laundry trough. Wastewater from the kitchen sink and dishwasher should not be reused in some areas, as these can contain heavy loads of organic material, fats and caustic additives.

The Biocell Cleanwater Treatment System is approved to recycle kitchen and dishwater water in some areas depending upon local council regulations.

* BioCell  has accreditation 18/2011 by QLD State Government Authorities

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