Biocell Performance Report Summary

This presentation is designed to demonstrate how the Biocell Greywater Treatment System works. Please feel free to click through the presentation. You can download a copy of this presentation by clicking on the link below it.

How It Works BioCell Brochure. How It Works BioCell Brochure. How It Works BioCell Brochure.
The Biocell Clean Water Treatment System provides a low cost passive filter which requires no power or chemicals to drive the recycled water technology and treatment process and turns grey water into safe reusable water that can be utilised for the following uses:

Watering Your Lawns and Gardens
Washing Your Car, Boat, Bike or Truck
Cleaning Your Windows
Hosing Your Pathways
Toilet Flushing
Water Fountains
Cooling Towers
Hard Stand Washing
Boiler Water
We direct the household cleanwater into a 1,000 litre (below ground or under your house) buffer tank which enables re-distribution to the filter via our control system. This tank has high level alarms with an overflow connection to sewer or approved land soak away. The buffer tank uses a submersible pump to feed the biological filter. The filter is a series of process cells each providing a matrix of a living ecosystem which stack together to provide a process column. Four process columns combine to treat 800 Litres each day without the need for chemicals or electrical power and meets all Health Standards. The treated cleanwater is gravity fed into a UV sterilizer to kill any remaining virus / pathogens and creates a safe reuse water which is collected in a storage tank.

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