Without a doubt an increasing concern facing environmentalists all over the world today is the issue of a diminishing water supply. High levels of pollution in these resources are multiplying to the point where untreated or badly treated waste water is finding its way into ground water systems, natural waterways and storage areas.

The danger of polluted waste water systems entering clean natural water systems could prove to be fatal and has actually stopped the development of land in many areas. Most of the sewerage treatments used in existing areas have failed and centralized sewerage treatment plants cannot cope with the water flowing into developing areas.

Cleanwater Solutions Pty Ltd is a private wastewater treatment company that has developed a unique product. A clean water treatment process which creates reuse water for domestic homes and commercial installations..

Grey water is all household wastewater that comes from the laundry, bathroom (excluding toilet) and kitchen areas of a home. It is the wastewater from baths, showers, hand basins, laundry tubs, washing machines, kitchen sinks and dishwashers.

Typically 75% of water that goes down the drain on a residential property is ‘grey water’.

Reuse water is grey water treated to a standard that meets public health and regulatory requirements for washing use. It is ideal for cold water to washing machine, toilet flushing, garden irrigation, washing the car, window washing, outdoor hosing etc. Reuse water now has the potential to be applied in all types of residences from single dwellings to major commercial infrastructures.This simple natural process treats domestic wastewater at source and creates quality reuse water. The treatment system is safe, low cost and natural. No chemicals or additional additives are required to treat the greywater to a reuse state. Power is used to operate the two pumps with a run time which is less than 20 minutes per day.

Every home will have the ability to save up to 86% of their daily water usage.

Homeowners, developers, builders, councils and our environment all benefit from the BioCell system.

The benefit of  the BioCell  product is that individuals wishing to recycle water don’t have to wait for their councils to establish a water treatment plant. Purchasing our filter enables people to do it themselves.

Today more and more residences are faced with the strain of water restrictions for simple everyday domestic chores. Some areas have restrictions on bath water. In fact the United Nations warns that one third of the Earth’s surface is at risk of this creeping catastrophe.

China has lost an area the size of Portugal and 30% of Spain is at risk of becoming a desert.


How it Works

The BioCell  filter is a multi chambered device which enables a single pass from a domestic waste water source to trickle through various process tiers, resulting in clean, highly oxygenated reuse water with the outlet in your very own back yard. It’s compact, odour free, easy to install,totally free of chemicals and low in cost.

The BioCell filter structure comprises 4 main components:

1. A Hydraulic Buffer System – which receives and holds the peak flows from the house and then pumps the clean water to the Filter system over a 24 hour period.

2. The BioCell Treatment system – a gravity feed system allowing waste water to pass through precisely positioned living filter beds each housing specific species that remove the organics while heavily oxygenating the water naturally.

3. The Storage System for treated effluent – holding re-use water after it has been filtered.

4. The Disinfection System – Disinfects and stores the treated re-use water up to 1,000 litres capacity. Ready for use in irrigation, toilet flushing and above ground gardening uses.We’ve engaged independent scientific evaluation and secured an active Research and Development installation, which is showing exceptional results.

Easily Assembled

With the internal processes showing such great results we needed to ensure that the external BioCell system also meets the structural, statutory and practical aspects in keeping with the surrounding environment.The living filter biological cells are delivered to our trained “Service Centre” who will complete the “Quality Assurance” survey of each installation then once assured the installation will comply,the filter can be activated with the living cells.

Benefits of the Products

  • Modular in its form
  • Can be easily formatted to suit any sized house
  • Can be customized to service commercial treatment applications
  • Power and Chemical Free. Only the pumps need electricity
  • No odour or smells
  • Reuse water can be stored for at least 6 months
  • The filter maintains operation all levels of hydraulic flow
  • Very low cost, safe and simple to erect, maintain and operate



Using science as the governing factor to our success, Cleanwater Solutions sought an independent science advisory body to examine and report their findings. ECOWISE ENVIRONMENTAL was chosen because of its strong standing in the industry, reputation, worldwide experience, and very importantly, their wastewater findings.The following tables are from a technical memorandum submitted by Dr Therese Flapper,Principal Environmental Scientist at Ecowise. The report shows what is required for the system to achieve Australian Standards.

The test samples were taken at a full scale facility set up for NSW health accreditation purposes at a caravan park where unusually high levels of coliforms were noted in the influent samples. The results show that we are performing well and are exceeding the requirements by producing an effluent that is significantly better than that required of a typical cleanwater treatment system.


TCL ( Thermal Coliforms ) CFU /100mL 1 ( Government regulations require 10mg/L or less)
BOD ( Biological Oxygen Demand) mg/L 3 ( Government regulations require 10mg/L or less)
SS ( Suspended Solids ) mg/L 2 ( Government regulations require 10mg/L or less)

There is now an increasing demand for efficient and cost effective methods to handle waste water.At Cleanwater Solutions we are very excited about our unique product.We are also very fortunate in knowing that we can make a difference to people’s lives and our very precious environment.

Our Process produces reuse water

Household Greywater
Secondary Treatment
Reuse Water


Cleanwater Solutions. Cleanwater Solutions
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